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by M PAUL 09 May, 2017


Little Gem Creative have been trading since 2005 and have 17 year’s experience in Website Design , with both national clients and local clients in Leicester and Market Harborough.

Over the years, we’ve built websites using different CMS platforms, such as Actinic, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, as well as fully bespoke websites for businesses that require specialist content. These are responsive (device friendly) and include Ecommerce websites.

With all this experience, designing Brochure websites, Ecommerce websites, Portfolio websites and Blogs, we have defined a working process which ensures our clients get a premium website design and development service at affordable prices.


A.   Do you need a NEW website?
You’ve got to the stage where you need a new website. Either you’re starting a new venture, your business has developed or your competitors are making headway and you need to be at the forefront of your industry.

B.   Or are you looking for a website REFRESH?
Is it that your website needs updating, you’ve neglected it or haven’t invested in it for some time now and it doesn’t reflect your business at this present moment and where you are looking to take your business over the next few years.


Working with a local agency

As with all areas of business, it’s beneficial to create and maintain excellent working relationships and there’s no better way to do this than meeting your website designer face to face, before embarking on a project as important as your website.

As a Leicestershire based agency, Little Gem Creative is situated in Market Harborough, only 15 minutes on the train to central Leicester and easily accessible to the Leicester area by car.

Before we begin a project, we like to meet our clients to obtain a good understanding of their business, the people involved and your aims and objectives. We do this to make sure that your website represents who you are, what you do and communicates clearly and effectively to your customers.

 The process includes meetings, content gathering and creation and training. We believe that having a real-life relationship with our clients is essential for you to get the very best premium service from us.

What your website says about your business

It’s often the first point of contact a potential customer or client has with your business, so you need to get this right! 

Even if you run a successful business and have been established for generations, with solid business relationships with your clients. It’s still vital that you are represented effectively online. When you meet clients for meetings and presentations, you don’t take anything for granted, so this is the same approach we’d advise you to have towards your website and all your brand communications.

What type of website do you need?

We can discuss using a preferred CMS platform or see if you are looking for a bespoke website. Either way, it will be designed and built to current trends and with the latest technologies available. You will end up with an impressive responsive website that is viewed and navigated by potential customers on all devices.

There are various types of website, these include:

  • Brochure
  • Ecommerce
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Podcast
  • Business portal


Contact Little Gem Creative to help you kick start your website project. Utilise our expert experience throughout the process of the project using us as a design and consultancy resource, so that you efficiently work through the process of getting your website live!

Defining your strategy

This is something we can work on together. By asking you a series of questions, we can find out essential information about your business, industry, the market and competitors which will enable us to present you with a Defined Marketing Strategy for your website and online presence. This will be a simple activity we can cover in a single meeting with you, at a set cost. We believe this is essential to make sure that you get the website your business needs to engage with new customers effectively.

Creating a project brief

We will ask you the right questions and gather information from you, that will help us to create a project brief together. Once agreed, the expectations are set and everyone knows what they are going to get at the end of the project.

Set a budget – Dictate the price!

We can of course provide you with a set price for a set amount of work, but we find that by the client dictating a budget, you are comfortable in knowing that costs won’t spiral and you are in control of the pace and scalability of your website. After all, websites are modular, which means you can set a budget for the initial build and then add to it when you are ready.

Additional costs

As well as the website design, build and consultancy, you will need to consider additional costs. These include:

  • Logo & Branding
  • Domain name purchasing
  • Website hosting
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Online marketing – Google, Bing and Social Media listings and advertising
  • Email set up (If required)
  • Content creation – Photography, video, copywriting


Gathering and generating content

Your website is only as good as its content. Therefore, we start out by gathering the content you have readily available, utilising the skills you already have to hand, as long as they are suited to the project, before we advise that you take on our additional creative services.

If required, our core services include Photography, Video and Copywriting, Social Media and SEO, which are often needed to populate your website.


If you are ready to start your website project, then simply contact Little Gem Creative to arrange our first meeting! We look forward to hearing form you.

Call 01858 288597 or email us on


by M PAUL 30 Jan, 2017
Here are 5 things to consider to help you to make smart decisions for your business and to become a stronger brand .

1 – Think differently

Like football, it's good to have a mix of experienced and new players in your team. Experience comes with tried and tested methods of working, whereas new team members or partners have a different perspective, which is highly valuable to your business. To some extent, this can be paralleled with new and existing ideas for smaller businesses, so even if you are a sole trader, new and old ideas are important for continued success. Think about your products, competitors, market sectors and your customers journey. Then think different, or laterally, to create new and exciting differences to make sure your brand stands out from the rest.

2 – Make your own rules
Most businesses work through tried and tested methods of marketing, which is great, as these methods are very important. But your business is unique, as are the people and products. So that mix should come with your own unique ways of working. Keep the rule book but add to it!

3 – Do what you are good at
Focus on what you are good at as a business. Still provide a range of services or products that your customers demand but work to your strengths. By doing this you will build a reputation for your expertise in these areas and you will become more confident to shout about your successes.

4 – Be unique
Ask the question 'what does everyone else do?' then couple this with your brand values to set out ways of working that are different to your competitors and unique to your business. Communicate your unique differences (USPs) to your existing and new customers.

5 – Keep moving
Building a brand doesn't stop. You should always be planning for the future when promoting your business as you would for planning and forecasting sales. Creative design is an ongoing and crucial part of your business, with the right foundations (great branding) , is built on over time, getting stronger and stronger.

by M PAUL 26 Jan, 2017
You need to create a website or your current website is out of date, so what are your options?

OPTION 1 – Content Management Systems (CMS)
There are various CMS platforms available, from WordPress to Drupal, Joomla and Magento. Each has it's benefits and usually the decision on using a particular platform comes down to what is recommended to you by your trusted web design agency. At Little Gem Creative, we have worked with each of the CMS platforms listed and from our experience we usually recommend WordPress.

Why WordPress?
  • It's FREE software
  • Open Source – Third party developers create the plugins (currently over 3000) used in WordPress websites
  • Easy to manage – Administration portal is relatively easy to get to grasps with, especially if you're updating content on a regular basis, as you will soon become familiar with the essentials
  • Search Engine Friendly – Built with high quality code that meets standard compliance
  • Safe & Secure – this can be enhanced with additional plugins
  • Media – Add videos, images, audio and animations or embed YouTube or Vimeo videos, Instagram posts or Tweets and Facebook posts
  • Many uses – Brochure website, Ecommerce shop, Blog, Galleries and Portfolios.

A– Third Party Themes (WordPress)
There are currently more than 2500 themes available, some are free, many are up to £50 and others are usually below £100. Paying for a theme is recommended if you are on a modest budget (less than £3000) as a paid for theme comes with useful plugins, the design quality is noticeably higher than free templates and there are support options from the site Authors.

The benefits include:
  • Faster build time
  • Modular – Build your website as your business grows
  • Great choice of third party themes and plug ins
  • Cost effective

B – Bespoke Front End and/or Functionality (WordPress)
If you have a budget of £3000 plus you can opt for a bespoke front end design and functionality. This is where, as graphic designers and web designers , we can treat the project as we would when designing something for print, we would create bespoke layouts to fit in with your branding , the website strategy and influenced by the latest web design trends. With this option your website will be truly unique and stand apart from your competitors.

You can also have bespoke functionality to integrate with existing business management software.

With both of these options, they fit in with the WordPress Administration backend, so you will have the same controllability to manage your website.

The benefits include:
  • Unique design
  • Fully customisable to your businesses needs
  • Modular – Build your website as your business grows
  • Great choice of third party plug ins
  • Cost effective

OPTION 2 – Fully Bespoke Design and Build (Not WordPress)
For larger businesses with specialist requirements (£20000 plus), you have the choice to opt for a fully bespoke website.

The benefits include:
  • Better user experience, optimised and fast
  • Unique design, layout and functionality
  • Customisable to your requirements
  • Integrate with existing business management software

OPTION 3 – Subscription Websites (SquareSpace)
We have built sites with SquareSpace , an online subscription based drag-and-drop (primarily) platform, intended for creative websites with limited functionality. Although you can run an online shop with your SquareSpace website.

The benefits include:
  • A choice of various beautiful, clean and spacious designed themes
  • Always up-to-date, as websites are hosted and updated with SquareSpace
  • Hundreds of customisable content
  • Adaptable theme designs, leaving the opportunity to make your website truly unique

by M PAUL 30 Nov, 2016
As a creative agency, Little Gem Creative can offer expertise in a variety of ways. When working for our clients, one discipline overlaps another and this is how we naturally expand our service range. Therefore, we offer expert Social Media Management by the way of 3 set packages but we also offer bespoke packages to fit your specific needs.

Our packages can be found here: Social Media Packages

So, whether you are a start-up business with the need of extra help to maximise the launch of your business online, or if you're an established business looking to launch a new product, or you're putting on an event and need help to engage new and existing clients and customers, get in touch to either take on one of out standard packages or to discuss your specific needs.

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