66fit – Developing the brand

66fit specialises in fitness and physiotherapy equipment that is used in the home, work, gym or clinic and is available worldwide with distribution centres in the UK, Germany, Dubai and Australia.

We managed a major redesign of the brand, bringing in other professionals to recreate the logo, packaging, website and product photography, which have been key elements to communicate its newly defined direction, along with the strap line 'shaped to fit your regime'. This describes how 66fit products are put together in six categories that make it easy for customers to find products for their individual needs and lifestyles.
66ft advertising material

Packaging design

We redesigned a large number of product boxes into the new brand style. This process included bespoke photography, Photoshop artworking and retouching, content management, copywriting and graphic design skills. This was a major undertaking that we completed after several months of work.

Many of the products cross over to different areas of health and fitness. We created a system of colour-coded visual indicators on the side of each box that enables customers to easily identify the categories the products sit in.

Product and model photography with 360° videos

We photographed each product with one of four different models. They visually demonstrate a range of exercises, which helps to clearly show the product’s use to a worldwide audience and with very little text.

We then created the 360° videos, which are shot on a turntable giving the viewer a fully rotated view of the products in use. You can see these on the website 66fit.com in the ‘66fit How To’ zone.

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